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Science meets Adventure!

Both editions of our Palaeontology Excavation Works are now completed and definitely will stay in our memories forever!

It was a very intensive time filled with palaeontological challenges prepared by our Lecturers Maciek and Ela who motivated us to think and present our arguments at every step of conducted work.

We've learned how to distinguish fossils from the surrounding rocks and identify them, a task that is not as obvious as it may seem to be. We've found vertebrae of Metoposaurus, several Phytosaurus teeth, fishes and their scales as well as fossilized wood - just to name a few. Apart from digging, we also participated in microfossil research and processed found fossils in the lab.

There were numerous workshops on how to create geological profiles and phylogenetic trees as well as how to identify various types of rocks. We even found out how to guess the arrangement of celestial bodies in the past by reading geological strata!

In our free time we swapped stories from India, Peru, Sicily, Lithuania and many other Adventures. We also celebrated Ed's Birthday - what an amazing coincidence that it happened just during the camp!


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