2019 Birding Season Completed!

Few days ago we completed Autumn 2019 Ringing Season. To sum it up, we would like to quote one of our Featured Volunteers - Helen Pružina a Conservation Biology graduate from Northern Ireland:

"I have learned so much about the Science of bird capture and ringing and about the behaviour of bird species. I have encountered so many amazing species and there were new wonders every day (and night!).

The camp is in a beautiful location: the Forest glows orange in Autumn, the "V"s of geese provide a soundtrack in the sky and I watched the sun rise and set over the whispering reeds. It was cold at the start of October, so bring warm clothes, but the foam mattresses and blankets meant I was warm at night in my tent.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and you get to know like-minded people from all over the World. Thank you for being so welcoming and interesting to talk to!"

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