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2020 Year Like No Other

It started with Lockdown and many changes to our plans. We felt frustrated when for obvious reasons our Spring and partially Summer projects had to be cancelled. However, we received so many words of support from you that it felt like Whole World gave us a big Hug!

Then, when circumstances allowed, more and more Volunteers applied for our Autumn camps. It was so enriching to be in the field again, seeing all the Wildlife and meeting you in person at last! We learned a lot from each other, much more than it is possible to learn from any book. Not only about field ornithology, which was the Key Subject. We also got to know how to start a generator, chop the wood or collect dry sticks from a wet forest after the rain. We collected and identified ants and attracted moths to a bait made from... a cheap wine! We swapped stories by a bonfire, shared our passions, pranked each other and laughed hard.

In the chaotic reality of a global Pandemic, marked by fear and uncertainty, we've created a whole different world.

It is because Wild Areas Network is not only about Wildlife. It is also about People. Our Volunteers are a living proof that you don't have to close your doors and your mind, fix only on yourself, becoming more and more isolated and anxious about future. In fact we are all about living with a Purpose. This purpose is protection of our Nature. And we will stick to our goal with respect to this new reality.

You are welcome to join us as soon as it is possible.


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