Wild Areas Network - Wildlife Volunteering, Palaeontology Digs and Bird Ringing Camps in Poland


... you can ever give is your time.

It is especially true in the area of Wildlife Conservation - Extinction is Forever. It is also very true in the scale of every single human life - You Only Live Once.

Here's why you may consider sharing your Time with us and what sets us apart from any other available projects of this kind:

YOU Make things Happen!

Just like you, we think that the best way to spend our limited time here is to make as positive, multi-dimensional impact as possible, to help as much as we can. Therefore there won't be much theory on our projects. From the very beginning you will be immersed in hands-on training and you will see how much your skills develop, transforming you from an Observer into a Doer and take your own initiative with support from our Scientists, Field Researchers and more experienced Volunteers.

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