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Wild Areas Network serves as a hub of contact between Polish Environmental Organisations and Volunteers from all over the World, willing to support them by paying a modest fee in exchange for certified vocational training and work experience, valuable for their career.


We trigger international cooperation to empower Participants and share experiences and good practices in Environmental Conservation and Research.


We promote supported Organisations that aren't recognized internationally and known to wider public. Some of them, despite very long tradition, don't even have English version of their websites. We provide far-reaching informational campaigns and translations when needed.


We fund supported projects that otherwise would face financial difficulties. At least one-third of our Participation Fee goes directly to the institutions we cooperate with. Detailed cost breakdown and other important financial aspects are outlined in Your Money page of our website.


We educate our Volunteers and Interns, providing intensive certified vocational training verified by work experience. We strongly believe in the value of hands-on, practical knowledge and skills, taking Natural Science out of the classroom and into the field, where it truly belongs.


We inspire for Action. Our mode of operation is transparent, simple and repeatable, so that Volunteers can even start projects similar to ours in their own countries. We aim to empower young Scientists and Activists to take their own initiative and be the change,wherever they are. More information on it in Your Time page of our website.

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