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When searching for wildlife volunteering opportunities and expeditions abroad you probably wonder if the project is affordable, where exactly your money will go and whether your experience will be worth its price.

We are well-traveled volunteers and have been in this very situation many times. Therefore it's time to think outside the box:

100% Money Back


For your comfort and peace of mind we have introduced 100% money back guarantee. If, AFTER THE CAMP, you will come to conclusion that it wasn't worth the money you paid, we will return your funds*. That's because we strongly believe in the quality of experience we offer. We also trust you - our chosen Participants - that you are fair and mature individuals willing to make a difference and gain new skills, not to cheat on others. It's worth to highlight it again: people are our highest strength.

On the other hand...


On the other hand,  there are numerous Volunteers who feel that our projects are worth much more than the Participation Fee and tell us they are willing to pay more. To respond to this feedback, we've introduced flexibility of Participation Fee - if you would like to pay more than the basic contribution, you are welcome to do so before, during or after the camp. Rest assured that it will stay within the project. Why? Because we are a Social Enterprise with a unique, one-of-a-kind attitude towards Money Matters:

Social Enterprise


We are a Social Enterprise Limited By Guarantee. It means that if there is any additional "profit", it doesn't go to us, but is invested in Organisations that we work with, in a form of an extra Donation. If we failed to comply with this regulation, that is introduced in accordance with UK law, we would simply lose our status. We've willingly and consciously adapted this rule and restricted our salaries to the minimum. Because the Nature of this planet is dying - we don't want to make profit on it.

Sample Cost Breakdown


For 325 Pounds per an expedition, 39% is for food, transport and accomodation, as well as donation to our Hosting Organisation. 18% is for equipment. 33% for staff costs and 10% admin costs. This sample breakdown can vary by few percent on a particular camp. As far as we know, we are the only organisation of our kind that doesn't percieve Staff salaries as direct project costs. If we count it in, etire 100% of your funds stays within the project, an outcome unachievable for any other similar initiative.

Less Money, More Freedom


We do our best to make our projects as affordable as possible. We don't follow a trend of charging 1000s of Pounds per single week. Thanks to this we can accept You on the basis of your genuine motivation and potential, not the content of your wallet, which in turn sets totally new standards to the level of the Team. We carefully select our Participants, considering their unique experiences, individual abilities, needs, communicativeness and other Values that they can bring to the Project.

* Provided that you, within two weeks from the camp end date, present a valid reason confirmed at least three times in the final Volunteer Experience Survey by other Volunteers.

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