Seven endangered raptor nests found!

We've successfully finished Summer 2017 Season. Seven Lesser Spotted Eagle nests found with help of our Volunteers! It is one step further to establish a new national park to protect Polish Carpathian Primeval Forest. Natural Heritage Fund will report the nest locations to the Regional Directorate of Environment Protection to establish protective zones around them. No logging will be allowed in 500m radius from the nest.

It was a real privilege to present this unique, wild land to Volunteers from France an UK. Special Thank You to Florie, Dougie, Steph, Elizabeth, Georgina, Will and Max! We hope that you will take the story of the Carpathian Primeval Forest and emerging Wild Areas Network to your homes, share it with your friends and spread further to the world, wherever you choose to go. You are always welcome on all our Camps!

#carpathianprimevalforest #lesserspottedeagle #carpathians #nationalpark #poland #wildareasnetwork

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