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Work with Pioneers in the Carpathian Primeval Forest to establish a new national park.

„This is not an ordinary place – a thought crosses my mind at the end of my working day in the field. This single average day our teams have found two lesser spotted eagle nests and over 100 sites of endangered moss species. Coming back home I make a photo of a wolf footprint. Setting sun is pouring through thick canopy of 300-year-old trees. Every single day is a discovery.”

WWF Priority Area. Carpathian Primeval Forest is one of the wildest areas in Europe. Carpathians stretch between Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, creating an ecological corridor across the continent. It provides shelter for brown bear, lynx, wolf, wildcat, owls and birds of prey, such as the lesser spotted eagle. However, due to the human impact, their numbers are declining.

„It is a real privilege to work with this species.” Lesser spotted eagle is a majestic bird, a symbol of true, pristine wilderness. It is classified as Natura 2000 species and an umbrella species. When its nest is found, a protection zone is formed in the radius of 500m and trees within this zone cannot be logged

Every year Natural Heritage Fund volunteers look for nests of this elusive bird of prey. It's a part of a large scale project in which we collect data on rare Carpathian species. Documentation is a key argument to establish a new national park in Southeastern Poland.

For now, large parts of the forest are a no man's land. Timber extraction takes place. Every day we go to work, we hear chainsaws on our research sites and see ancient trees falling.

We have to act quickly. We need you NOW.


Become our Field Researcher.

Help us establish a new national park. Make history. 
There will be no second chance

Download our detailed Infosheet and read it carefully. Here are key questions you may have:

- What will I do?

- You will attend a comprehensive training on raptor identification in the field. You don't have to be a bird expert – the training is made for amateurs as well as professionals.

We will observe and record lesser spotted eagles returning to the nest with prey. We will be located at vista points in such a way that you will see your neighbours at their spots.

You will be equipped with a map and compass. You will mark the bird's flight direction on the map. If records of neighbouring observers are compatible, the nest location will be assessed using triangulation.

- Where will I stay?

- In a truly wild, unique place. The base is located in a small village – Nowosiolki Dydynskie. The nearest bigger city – Przemysl – is 25 km away. The Ukrainian border is a few kilometers away.

We will stay in the Natural Heritage Fund center. This is a building with 7 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and a common room with space to eat together and equipped with books.


Free time!


With good organisation of work we can have plenty of free time.  And then...

- explore numerous tourist trails
- bathe in the river
- collect mushrooms
- play guitar
- get spectacular photos
- play games
- cook delicious dinner
- have a nap
- learn some Polish!
- visit the neighbouring monastery


- What's in it for me?

- Boost your CV with our Certificate of Participation!

We offer HANDS-ON intensive exchange of specialist ornithological experience and knowledge and HANDS-ON field experience in wildlife monitoring abroad, especially important for Ornithologists, Students, Wildlife Volunteers and Professionals. We will provide training in high-standard techniques of species identification and tracking as well as data registration.

We offer deep contact with unspoiled Wildlife, 24 hours a day! You can watch stunning, tranquil sunrises and sunsets and reconnect with rhythms of Nature. You will experience invaluable and refreshing international, intercultural exchange. You will gain unforgettable memories.

- How much does it cost?

- You will spend £350 for entire 3 week stay.

The price includes transfer from Przemysl to the base, all food expenses and accomodation in the Natural Heritage Fund center with all facilities. It also covers our high-quality field training confirmed by the Certificate.

Although our fee doesn't include plane tickets, transport to Przemysl and insurance on the site, everything else is covered for you for the entire length of your stay with us.


- Camp I: 23.06.2017 - 13.07.2017

- Camp II: 17.07.2017 - 04.08.2017

TO APPLY: Simply fill in the Application Form and send to us:

You can send your CV - we are proud of our Volunteers and would love to know more about you!

Specify the date that you are applying for.  We accept applications for entire three weeks as outlined above or for six weeks. We cannot accept applications for one or two weeks. If there's a lot of candidates, you may be placed on the Waiting List and informed about your application status as soon as possible, no later than 1 month before the camp starts.

If you have any questions or doubts, we are here to help:

Eagle Camp Infosheet PDF

Eagle Camp Application Form

Download our stunning Infosheet with all needed information, photos, FAQ and more!
What's in it for me?
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